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10 Feng Shui Tips on How to Activate Career Corner of Bedroom

In feng shui, there are many feng shui tips to help you activate your career corner of your bedroom to bring in career opportunities and great income luck. There are numerous feng shui cures and feng shui remedies to enhance your career luck to generate good fortune for your career opportunities.

However, I am going to touch on the top 10 most potent feng shui tips to activate your career luck. These are proven feng shui cures and remedies that will help you to activate your career luck effectively. You will definitely benefit considerably from these tips if you can apply them correctly. Below are 10 amazing feng shui tips on how to activate career corner of bedroom to generate never-ending good luck for your career life.

10 Feng Shui Tips To Activate Career Corner Of Bedroom

1. Sleep With Your Head Pointed To The Northwest

In general, the Northwest is your success and personal development corner. If you want to activate your career corner and enhance your career opportunities, you should sleep with your head pointed to the direction of the Northwest.

2. Suppress The 5 Yellows Which Causes Obstacles

The 5 Yellows is the most dangerous star which will cause misfortunes and obstacles to your life. If you want to enjoy good career opportunities and career luck, you should suppress the 5 Yellow in your bedroom. This year, the 5 Yellows is in the North corner and you should hang a 5 Element Pagoda at the North of your bedroom to suppress the 5 Yellow.

3. Make Sure That There Is No Toilet Above Or Next To Your Bedroom

Be sure to check if your bedroom is directly below a toilet on the floor above you. This is an especially harmful situation in the bedroom which will cause great obstacles to your career life. You should move your bed away from under the toilet immediately. Even sharing a common wall of your bedroom with a toilet is extremely inauspicious.

4. Place Feng Shui Coins On Your Bedroom Side Table

Tie three coins with red thread and place them on your bedroom side table. This symbolizes a never ending source of income for your career life.

5. Sit Facing Your Sheng Chi Direction

The most potent method of enhancing your career luck is to sit facing your sheng chi (success) direction. In your bedroom, if you are reading a book, try to sit facing your personal sheng chi direction to generate good career luck. You can find out your personal sheng chi direction by calculating your personal KUA number.

6. Create A Personal Wealth Vase In Your Bedroom's Cupboard

This is a very personalized tip passed to me by a practicing feng shui master from Macau. He advises me to place a personal wealth vase in my bedroom's cupboard to preserve my wealth and enhance my career opportunities. Get a beautiful vase and fill your wealth vase with precious gems and diamonds and even crystals and so forth. You can also put your jewelry inside your wealth vase. Please take note that your wealth vase must be kept hidden away, inside a cupboard in your bedroom. The wealth vase must never face the front door as this means your wealth and career luck is flowing away from you. And never show anyone your wealth vase.

7. Keep A Three Legged Frog In Your Bedroom For Luck

Frogs are regarded as auspicious creatures to have in your house. It is the three legged frog that is extremely auspicious. Place the three legged frog symbol near the vicinity of your bedroom door but facing inwards, as if it has just come into the room. This symbolizes never ending wealth luck and career opportunities going into your room.

8. Lighting Your Dressing Table

The best feng shui feature at a dressing table is to have the presence of bright light at the dressing table. This brings in good yang energy which leads to great auspicious energy to your bedroom. If your dressing table is located in the South, Southwest or Northeast of your bedroom, this lighting feature will bring in even more auspicious career luck into your life.

9. A Quartz Crystal On Your Table

All through your working life, you should place a large rectangular cut crystal on your desk top if your workspace is in your bedroom. You can use the crystal as your paperweight. The combined energies created by the intrinsic earth essence of the crystal and by the wood element that represented growth will benefit your career life tremendously.

10. A Solid And Firm Bedroom Door

The door of your bedroom should be solid and firm to be auspicious. Doors should also be large enough to comfortably accommodate the occupant of the room. By placing a solid and firm bedroom door, you will activate your career luck and bring in abundant opportunities for your career life.


The truth you need to understand is that very few bedrooms have perfect feng shui. There is no such thing as the perfect bedroom for activating career luck. You only need to learn some of the feng shui tips and apply them flexibly in your room. You do not need to implement all the tips as your bedroom may not suit all the feng shui cures and remedies. Simply apply the tips as you deem fit.

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