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How To Feng Shui Your Child's Bedroom

The bedroom of a child or infant is regarded somewhat differently to other bedrooms in Fengshui. Ideally, it should be in the South Eastern sector of your home if you live North of the equator, or in the North Eastern sector if you live South of the equator. The main reason behind this is to ensure that the life-giving yang energy of the rising sun will benefit the health of a child with abundant chi.

It is considered favorable if a child's bedroom is rectangular in shape, with natural light and good ventilation, and in close proximity to the parent's bedroom. If the room is naturally dark, then a mobile or windchime should be hung outside the window, or if this is not possible, just within the window. The window of a child's bedroom should look out on to life.

Feng Shui tradition states that a view of a garden, shrubbery and healthy plants is vital, but a busy street is also buzzing with life and would be beneficial (however, if it is too busy there may be a problem with noise). In any case, a touch of greenery on the windowstill will create the necessary chi in the room.

Light green should be a prominent color in a child's bedroom because this relates to the Element Wood and suggests the sprouting growth of young plants as well as the Easterly direction, suggestive of the rising sun.

Soft, organic furnishing, too, should be included - woollen carpets, wood panelling or wallpaper are all associated with the Element Wood and growth.

If the child is a boy then he will be yang in nature, therefore the addition of yin blues and cool colors will add balance to his character. The opposite is true of girls who are basically yin, some warm yang tones will encourage self-confidence.

The rules for the placement of the child's bed are as for the main bedroom. It should not face the door or window, but should have a wall at its head and along one side.

Credits to Jonathan Dee.

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