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Dissolve The Shar Chi Of Open Shelves

It is a norm in Feng Shui that open bookshelves or any shelves that resemble knives send out "shar chi" or killing breath into the room. Regardless of whether these shelves are in which area or space of your home living, my advice is to dissolve the shar chi created by putting doors onto your book cabinets.

From my learning, I understand that the effect of open shelves may not be felt immediately but residents of rooms with open shelves almost always succumb eventually by contracting illnesses that can prove fatal.

Even in your office, it is a habit of corporate bosses to place the shelves on three sides of the room to make the room fit into the interior decorator's idea of what an important corporate office should look like. I can only say that such shelves can cause the occupant of the room to succumb to a heart attack. Sad to say, this kind of fatal incidences borne out in several instances.

However, if you are unable to do anything about the exposed shelves in your room, the next best thing to do is to arrange your books to 'flush' with the blades of the shelves so the effect created is to symbolically make the shelves disappear. This can be done with books and with large files. For example, if your shelves or cabinets are opened, you can dissolve the shar chi by stuffing them up with books or large files. If the open shelves are your upper or lower wardrobes, you can just simply add bedsheets and pillows to occupy the open area.

However, it is not feasible to use this method for shelves used to display decorative items. In this kind of situation, you might want to sandpaper the edges of the shelves. This in effect "blunts" the cutting sharpness of the shelves and does alleviate the situation somewhat.

Last but not least, I would want to educate any avid learners of Feng Shui that, it might be useful to note that glass shelves are particularly harmful in the North corners while wooden shelves are harmful in the Southwest, the Northeast as well as the center of any room. Plastic shelves are the least harmful of all.

There are many areas in your home that shar chi might be looming and you really need to look carefully around your house to watch out for these extremely harmful shar chi.

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