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Feng Shui Coins For Abundant Wealth

One of the best tip I ever received concerned all the small little ways I could use three Chinese coins to activate and symbolize a never ending source of income for myself. The easiest and most novel recommendation I put into practice was the placement of three coins tied with red thread into my wallet. This is one extremely potent method to help attract wealth luck and money luck.

I found it so effective that I started placing coins in ALL my wallets and bags. I might add that it is not necessary to put more than 3 coins. In fact 3 is a very good symbolic number which represents the union of heaven, earth and man - itself an auspicious combination. Never use 4 or 5 coins since these are not regarded as lucky numbers. You may if you wish use 6, 7 or 8 coins - all of these are lucky numbers.

I have recommended this tip to many people and one of my favorite little gifts is to give a red packet with three coins tied with red thread to symbolize the offering of wealth luck to my friends. This is a very auspicious habit to cultivate since the act of giving is in itself most auspicious, especially when giving something as symbolically auspicious as three coins in a red packet.

Do this when you attend auspicious occasions. Add them to the presents and gifts you give to celebrate the weddings and birthdays of your loved ones and good friends. They are very auspicious indeed.

Remember that it is the red thread that activates the yang energies of the coins and that by themselves, these coins do not have feng shui significance. If you do not have red thread, you may use a bright red ribbon. It has the same effect although the Chinese find it even more auspicious when the coins have been expertly tied into never ending auspicious knots.

My strong recommendation: Tie three coins with red thread and put them in each bag, pocket book and wallet you own. This symbolizes a never ending source of income.

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