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Feng Shui For The Bedroom

In the eyes of Feng Shui, the main bedroom is the most important bedroom, as it has an enormous effect on the harmony of the home, on the well-being of its occupants and on the finances of the household.

Basically, there are four important things you need to consider in feng shui bedroom tips:

  • The shape of the bedroom
  • The positioning of the bed
  • The sector the bedroom occupies
  • Decorative objects in the bedroom

If you are choosing the shape of your bedroom, it is best to have a rectangular or square shaped bedroom.

If your bedroom has an irregular shape, try to use a good fortune symbol screen as a divider. This will transform the bedroom into a more regular shape. Never use mirrors as a feng shui cure for the bedroom. It is a taboo to have mirrors in your bedroom especially if you are facing the mirrors while you are sleeping. It is believed that your soul will be sucked into the mirrors when you are sleeping. Hence, do take note that mirrors are really a big NO NO in the bedroom. If you still cannot remove the mirrors in your bedroom, what you can do is simply cover the mirrors with a big cloth.

Position your bed such that your head is pointed towards your best direction according to your Kua number. Every person has their own personal number in feng shui. This number is called the kua number and it is very easy to calculate. Once you know what your kua number is, you will be able to tell which directions are your personal good, or auspicious, and bad or inauspicious in your home.

How To Calculate Your Kua Number

For Men:-

1. Take the year of your birth and add the last two digits together. If the result is 10 or more, then you will need to add them together again until you get a single digit number.

2. Subtract this single digit number from 10 and this is your Kua Number.

For Women:-

1. Take the year of your birth, add the last two digits together until you get a single digit as above and then

2. Add this single digit number to 5

3. If your number is a double digit number then add the two together to get a single digit again and this is your Kua Number.

For this calculation to be correct, you have to take into consideration that the Chinese lunar New Year takes place at the beginning of February, so anyone who is born very early February or during January will have to use the year before as their birth year.

Once you know your Kua number and where is your best position, you should place your bed in that position. If you cannot position your bed to face your best direction, at least try and have it face one of your other good directions.

The yin component rules the bedroom. The bedroom is a place to rest, recuperate and relax. It is important that you should not make your bedroom too yang. The energy in the bedroom should suggest calm and quiet. The colour scheme used should be muted. Lighting should be dimmed and there should not be a television in the bedroom. However, make sure it is not too yin. For example, if you are lacking of energy, you may benefit from a red (yang) bedsheet.

Use your own judgement when planning the feng shui of your bedroom. Do not go overboard when decorating. You can energize the bedroom for marriage, romance, love and relationships. Place a pair of mandarin ducks, rose quartz puffed hearts and other love symbols in the SW of your bedroom to activate this kind of luck. The bedroom should however not be used to energize for wealth luck. It is better to energize for wealth luck in the public areas of the home such as the living room or dining room.

Key Taboos To Watch Out For In The Bedroom

  • The bed should not be placed directly below an exposed beam.
  • Do not position the bed so it faces another bedroom door.
  • Do not position any mirrors facing the bed.
  • The bed should not be placed between 2 doors.
  • Neither should the bed face a protruding corner.
  • The headboard must be placed against a wall. It should not be “floating”.
  • Never move the bed when the wife is pregnant
  • The bedroom should not be located above a garage, storeroom or kitchen.
  • Do not have the bedroom door face the top of the stairs.
  • Do not sleep in a room directly below a toilet.
  • Do not have fancy archways in your bedroom.
  • Do not place potted plants or an aquarium in the bedroom.

Some contents are from the famous Feng Shui Master: Lillian Too. Visit her site @ www.wofs.com

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