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Feng Shui Tips For Childless Couples Trying To Conceive

One reason I am so enamoured of Feng Shui is that it really can bring enormous happiness to one's life, especially when it involves making one's family life happier and more meaningful.

It is especially effective in helping couples who want children but seem to be having a hard time conceiving. I am not referring to those with medical problems. I am saying that if you have tried and checked everything and find there is nothing wrong with you, or your partner, and still you cannot conceive, then Feng Shui might be able to help. This was what happened to my Aunt.

My Aunt's inability to conceive had been due to a huge poison arrow which took the form of a large casuarina tree not ten feet from her main door. This created bad shar chi that hit her front door. My Aunt and her husband were childless for nine years! If you are having a hard time conceiving, it is a good idea to check whether anything sharp, pointed or threatening is hurting your main door OR your bed!

Chances are you will find something and you can try to shield it or block it off from view OR move out like they did. They moved to another house and they designed their new home according to Feng Shui principles, concentrating on activating their descendants luck. What they did is sketched out here.


Please check the husband's nien yen direction based on the Table given at Article - How To Calculate Your KUA Number And Know Your Auspicious Directions. Then try to occupy the bedroom that is located in his nien yen location. Next, position the bed so you both sleep in his nien yen direction. This activates his descendents luck.

Note that in Feng Shui, the effect of the women's descendents luck is not counted.

Nien Yen Direction



The head of the couple should be pointed to the man's nien yen direction.


Look for a painting or picture of children, and hang it in the vicinity of the bed. In the imperial palaces of the Forbidden city, the emperor's conjugal bed is decorated with screens and embroidery of the famous "100 children" to symbolize great fertility in his encounters with his many wives.


Find a young virgin born in the year of the dragon and ask him to symbolically "roll" across your bed. Ideally this should have been done on the wedding night, but better late than never. Or place a small representation of the dragon next to the bed to simulate precious yang energy.

The above Feng Shui tips really help my Aunt considerably and within three months time, she was pregnant with her first kid which is daughter. Subsequently, she went on to have her second kid which is a son!

Nonetheless, when trying to apply feng shui to your home and life, one very important thing that you should take note is that you must really understand the fundamentals of feng shui first. If feng shui is applied wrongly, not only can it harms you, it can also brings misfortunes to your loved ones! Hence, I would always advise people who are new to feng shui to buy the "26 Feng Shui Secrets" e-book. It is an easy read with concise step-by-step guide to learning the basics of feng shui. It also teaches you powerful tips on how to apply feng shui to all areas of your home and life! You and your loved ones will benefit considerably with this remarkable book!

Your life will become a place of love, peace, calm and wealth by putting to practice the 26 Feng Shui Secrets.

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