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How To Cope With Children Difficulties

I strongly advise that you must check the Feng Shui of your home if you are having problems with your children. In this article, we will look into some of the feng shui cures and remedies that can help you to cope with difficult, problematic and rebellious children. First and foremost, you should walk through your house and scrutinize whether anything, any structure or object may be harming your front door OR the beds and desks of your children.

See if the door into the children's room is directly facing a toilet or a staircase. The negative energy created can cause the resident to feel listless, rebellious and completely lacking in motivation. Good yang energy is depleted. The best solutions is try to change rooms for your child OR hang a small windchime above the door between the door and the staircase or toilet.

If your problem is a teenager who is disobedient, who does not like coming home and who seems to have no sensitivity to the family then you MUST investigate his or her sleeping direction. Check the KUA number and try to make him or her sleep with the head pointed to the nien yen direction. This is a family oriented direction and will make a great deal of difference. Just using this one tip, many parents have improve their rebellious teenagers.

In addition, try also to dissuade your son or daughter from sleeping on the floor, or on a bed so low as to be level to the floor. This is neither auspicious nor conducive to his or her personal happiness. Instead the mind will be disturbed and there will also be the possibility of problems with health.

When the problem with your children has to do with study grades, their work could be suffering because of wrong sitting direction. For children, the direction to tap is their respective fu wei direction. Check what these directions are based on date of birth at the Article - How To Calculate Your KUA Number And Know Your Auspicious Directions; then let your child sleep with his or her head pointed in the fu wei and work at the desk facing the fu wei direction.

Next, I highly recommend you to place a small crystal in the Northeast corner of the bedroom. The crystal is an excellent educational energizer that harmonizes very well with the Northeast, which is also the education corner.

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