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How To Get Your Love Partner To Commit With You

There are many feng shui cures and remedies to help you get your love partner to commit with you. If you problem is getting your love partner to make a commitment, to propose marriage, or simply to acknowledge you are an "item" then, in addition to displaying a crystal in the Southwest corner of love, you should give strength to the crystal by installing a very bright light there. My best recommendation for a feng shui energizer for this purpose is to

hang a crystal chandelier in the Southwest corner, but any bright light, kept turned on for at least 3 hours every night would be helpful and do the trick too!

However, please take note that it is unnecessary to overdo things by making the light too bright. Halogens and spotlights too harsh and are not good feng shui. One of the main cause of problem to making your lover partner commit is the presence of a toilet in the Southwest corner of the home. A toilet should never be in the Southwest of the home, simply because Southwest is the love corner of every residential houses!

I have personally seen so many examples of this being the cause of my friends having a hard time getting married even though they were not lacking suitors. If you have a toilet in the SW that is spoiling your chances of getting married, my suggestion is for you to keep the toilet permanently locked. Simply stop using the toilet altogether and turn it into a store room.

If you cannot do this, the next best thing is to hang a five rod windchime that is made of wood and is painted black or brown to "press down on the bad energy" being created by the toilet. Another great way of making the toilet in your Southwest "disappear" is to hang a full-length mirror on the door of the toilet.

Next up, to further enhance your love relationship with your partner, you should hang a fan with peony flowers in your bedroom. The "Moutan" flower of peony can be helpful to women who are keen to settle down. This will vastly improve your chances of finding someone willing to settle down with you!

Another good way to activate the wedding luck of people of marriageable age is to place a few large boulders in the Southwest corner of the garden. Paint the double happiness symbol in red on the rock, OR tie red string around the rock to activate its inherent energies.

Many people learn feng shui for the reason of wanting to improve their love life. However, 99% of these people fail in enhancing or improving their love relationship in their life simply because they have did the wrong feng shui themselves! To make matter worse, wrong implementation of feng shui in your love life can bring terrible quarrels, unpleasant breakups or even divorce!

You really need to understand the fundamentals of feng shui before you can use it for any areas of your life. If you are thinking of improving your love romance or even bring it to a higher stage, I would advise you to download the 3 e-books below to give you step-by-step guide to achieve your goals!

You will learn never-before-disclosed powerful feng shui tips on improving your love relationships and attract the kind of love you've never thought possible!

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