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Feng Shui Basics - Introduction To The Magic Square

Another very important basics in feng shui, is the Magic Square. Legend has it that the Magic Square, also known as the Lo Shu, originated from a remoted period in China's history (estimated around 2205 BC) when the Emperor Yu apparently discovered it written on the back of a turtle. The Magic Square is probably the most ancient tool in use in the whole art of Feng Shui and fortunately for us it is very easy to put into practice.

Basically the Magic Square is a 3 x 3 grid of small squares, each of which is allocated a number (those found on the back of the turtle). There are eight possible ways to add up the numbers, but no matter which direction you choose to add, they will always add up to 15. Amazing right?

The Magic Square is used in many ways, but we will only deal with one here. It is a grid map of the floor of your home

which will tell you which sectors of your house relate to specific areas of your life. To find out this amazing wisdom, you need to really draw out a rough map of the floor area of your home. If you floor area isn't exactly square, do not worry... you just simply elongate the Magic Square to fit, taking special note of any sector that falls outside your home. Now 'square it off', in other words, fill in the missing section on your map with a dotted line.

The Squares & Their Meanings










Square 1 (Front centre):
Career prospects, your standing in your own eyes. Your potential in business dealings and the role you play in society.

Square 2 (Rear right):
Relationships of all kinds, especially romantic ones. Obviously marriage and long term partnerships are represented in this square.

Square 3 (Middle left):
The past, your ancestors and your original home are represented here. Family relationships through the generations and the prospects of inheritance.

Square 4 (Rear left):
This is the square that deals with prosperity. The prospects of gaining and keeping wealth are represented by this area.

Square 5 (Centre):
This square is very important because it is concerned with physical health and maintenance of well-being.

Square 6 (Front right):
In Chinese tradition this is the area of the gods and spirits. It represents those who would be willing to help you along. Friendly allies can be attracted by the proper use of this area.

Square 7 (Middle right):
This is the sector of children, fertility and creation. It may also manifest its energy as hobbies, creative gifts or even as a productive use of leisure time.

Square 8 (Front left):
This square relates to education and knowledge, and shows how open you are to new ideas. By extension it governs novelty coming into your life and how you react to it.

Square 9 (Rear centre):
The last square is the sector of fame. It governs your reputation, showing how you are viewed by others and the extend of the respect in which you are held.

Square by Square

Each numbered square has a precise significance in the life of the person living in that abode. The front door will be located in Squares 8, 1 or 6. It therefore follows that the centre of your home will occupy Square 5 and the furthest left-hand corner of your home will be Square 4.

The Eight Point Method

If you are still unsure about the use of the Magic Square and the floor plan, try the Eight Point Method. This is so-called because you will be surrounded by eight significant areas when you stand at the centre of any given space in your home. First, stand in the middle of your home facing the direction of the front of the house or flat (to find the exact centre of your home simply draw diagonal lines from corner to corner on your squared off floor map.











* Stand in the centre of your house and divide your home into the remaining eight sectors of the Magic Square.

Let me explain to you explicitly how this is done: You are standing in Square 5, the area of health. To your left is Square 7, the area of children and creativity. To your right is Square 3, the sector of ancestors. Before you is Square 1, the Career sector and directly behind you is Square 9, the area of fame and reputation. The other squares will fill any gaps (See the above table diagram for their meanings).

However, if the Magic Square is not neatly contained within the walls in your home because you live in an irregularly-shaped home, or it is in some other way incomplete, then there will be void area in your life.

For example, an L-shaped dwelling could have one or two sectors missing and this could damage the potentials of your fortune. Problems can also occur when one or more areas are enlarged. Many houses have extensions which will unbalance the feng-shui of the building. In either case, the method of balancing the rest of the home by use of color or symbols is important. There are several ways of bringing your home into a harmonious state.

It is rare that anyone lives in a home which is perfectly square or rectangular. Equally, many flats and apartments are extremely irregular in shape, effectively 'cutting out' various points of the Magic Square. If this is the case then it may be an idea to deal with each room individually, by dividing each into its own Magic Square. The Magic Square of feng shui is quite a difficult topic to learn and you need to really understand the basics behind feng shui before you can grasp this theory perfectly.

Credits to Jonathan Dee.

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