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A Window Behind Your Bed Makes You Short-Tempered

In feng shui, the worst common sleeping taboos found in bedrooms is placing the head of a bed against a wall with a window in it. This suggests that the window will be behind the bed which is a very bad home living arrangement that signified bad feng shui.

The reason behind the feng shui taboo of having a window behind your bed is that, a window behind the bed makes the sleeping person very vulnerable to yin spirit formations. This will disturb the sleep and, in turn, make the person very short-tempered and grumpy. In addition, this home arrangement of bed and window is also responsible for giving the occupants disturbing and bad dreams when they finally do manage to get to sleep.

The person who sleeps with a window behind him or her is sure to become a very temperamental person and will always involve in arguments and quarrels with family members and friends.

Feng Shui Cure To Block Outside Chi

The cure for this problem is very simple. When the person is sleeping at night, simply close the window behind him or her and draw heavy curtains across it to prevent outside chi from entering the bedroom. In addition, it is a brilliant feng shui ideas to place a five-element pagoda on the window ledge as a protective symbol while the person sleeps.

However, if the position sector with the window behind your bed is your best sleeping direction as calculated with your KUA number, then all you need to do is ensure you have a thick curtain to close off the window while you sleep.

Whenever possible, angle your bed in an arrangement where the bed head is always against a wall rather than under a window. Nonetheless, if you have no choice but to sleep with your bed positioned under a window, hang heavy curtains and choose a solid headboard to symbolize support.

Another feng shui tips that you should take note is that, if your bed head is not placed against a solid wall, then you must put a solid bed headboard behind your bedhead. This is important in feng shui as when you sleep, you must have a solid wall or solid headboard behind you to give you support and security. Without it, you will feel uneasy and insecure when sleeping on your bed.

Feng shui is a powerful knowledge that can change the life of anyone at anytime. When applied correctly, you can generate good luck, good fortune, good health and even abundant wealth into your life. However, you must take note that if feng shui is applied wrongly, it can turn its back and causes tremendous misfortunes and bad luck to you and your loved ones. Hence, I always recommend my readers to read up and understand the basic foundations of feng shui before trying to apply feng shui yourself.

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